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About Bridge Pizza

Bridge Pizza is a 2nd-generation family-owned neighborhood pizza place that has been serving the Missoula community pizza since 1995. Our guiding philosophy has always been to operate truly neighborhood-centered restaurants - from the source of our food, our means of service, who is on our team, our price points, and the atmosphere we try to create. 

  • We strive to offer food that is accessible to everyone and displays the bounty of our farming and food communities - that we are one of Missoula’s largest purchasers of locally grown food is not just a badge of honor, but a responsibility.
  • We are incredibly proud of the individuals that work for us, how many have stuck with us for the long haul, the energy they give to our mission and the fun they help us have along the way.
  • We find that offering quality food and service through three areas, with dining rooms, drive thrus and delivery allows us to be agile and lets people enjoy good food in the way that fits their lives.

The most successful nights for us are ones where we can look at our customers and see a perfect slice of Missoula; young children to the elderly, first dates, groups of friends headed out, families after soccer practice, people in a hurry to get to work, those who just got off the river or ski hill. This is our end goal: to be ready with a delicious, affordable meal for every Missoulian when they get hungry, wherever they are and whatever they are doing.